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Hey Again!

Hey!! It's Reno, I've been in the photography industry for about 3 years now but I've always been behind a camera. Every year my dad pulls out his favorite picture of me from when I was little of my "first selfie" and ever since that first selfie, if there was a camera, I had it in my hands! Im the oldest of 4 so naturally I would force my younger siblings to pose any way I could think of. When I got my first point and shoot I couldn't have been more excited, dragging all my friends out for photoshoots. Shortly after, I realized I could turn my love for photography into a career, and now here I am, turning the love I've had for photos since the very beginning into my dream job!

A Look Into My Life


Random Facts

Favorite movie and tv shows:

My favorite tv show definitely varies but a few favorites of mine are friends, that 70's show & how I met your mother. My favorite movie would have to be Thor Ragnorock.

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